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Firebolt, you clearly enjoyed making this song WAY to much :)
The cheese is immense. AND LOL at a 8 BIT breakdown. That made me laugh so freaking much! So thats what your up to these days!!


FlamingFirebolt responds:

What can i say, i love cheese :D.
Dunno what you mean by 8bit breakdown though. Since anything isn';t 8bit at all. I used a cheap low pass and highpass filter for the ehh filtered parts. And all the synths are 3xosc. I just tried making them like the oldkool synths. :D Slidey synths and that chord thing.
Anyhow, we should catch up get on MSN >: l

Wow... Industrial much?

Ahahahaha this made me laugh :) Like the old industrial age - banging on pots and pans, and clanking bottles... This acutally sounds like its got some awesome potential too lol! Love it!

We need to catch up soon! When i get back home im gonna upload some random stuffs - old demo's etc.


You leave me speechless.

To put it bluntly - you bastard... I had been planning to make a song like this with guitar solos and synths, but havent been round to it yet - since ive been on holiday for the past 6 weeks. You... like freaking stole my idea with your own ideas.
Well just because you made one... isnt going to stop me from mine.

I actually CANNOT believe you made this/thought of this - when i thought of it too!

Damn you Firebolt.


P.S. Its awesome :)

Hehehe what can i say?!!

I would'nt expect less from you. This is pretty damn fly. Ticks all the boxes Firebolt. I actually don't see what more i can write? Except for....
Well, it's quite a different style... completely different to your take on it Bolt!
Talk to you on MSN!


OOOoohhhh now this is interesting...!

Not too keen on the piano sound the melo is fine just dislike the sound , and a harder kick.
Otherwise perfect, and pretty epic!
Very nice string sounds!


Awesome :)

Just had this on loop for like 15 minutes, and havent got bored of it!
Cant really flaw it :) Excellent, nice sounds, good driving work. I like the acid touch at the beginiing, plkaying that bassy sorta sound :)
Awesoem dude! 5/5 10/10


CassuTronic responds:

Thanks man. i appreciate every word you said =) and merry christmas and happy new year !

MAjor mixing needed!

Dont compress the master, makes everything too loud and distorted! Levels badly need fixxing up! Sound good otherwise - i like the touch of the piano, and the long echoey reverb on it! Thats awesome :) If this was properly mastered i would download :)

Fix and ill be happy!


ShootingStar responds:

Haha alrighty Thanks for the review!!


Not a fan of House..

But this is really funky and cool! Some sweet sounds in there and the perc is perfect :)
Good work!
MAYBE vocoded vocals would go with this, but idk lol!


unrealdark responds:

Yeah, I was thinking the same, only I don't know how to get some house vocals.
Thanks for reviewing! It's appreciated!

17 second FAIL.

Um this is nothing. Not a song. nothing. Just an ambient pad and some vocal FX.

KieranNG responds:

You smell.

Captured the magic of Christmas!

Haha, this song is crazy. Fun, happy jumpy and really christmassyy :)
Love the jumpy bass!
Truly awesome!


Chimy727 responds:

Lolz thanks! great to hear from you and have a great christmas!


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