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Um well.. This is me. A few of my songs are on here, thought id get some constructive critisicm from the Newgrounds users. :D

Look out for my new collaboration song with Flaming Firebolt: Heavens Dream! Check out Firebolts stuff at :: flamingfirebolt.newgrounds.com (no space!)

Nothing much new... Got writers block..
But with my Silver Kiss remix, ive made some progresss. Im about 20% done.
No demo yet, but im going to (hopefully) have an awesome piano in this song :D
More news on this soon!

Happy new year people!!
Review of the year? Well about 30/35 decent songs made or nearly done ideas, a full album released, and over 50 ideas for songs made :D
Overall, a very successful year!
Work im most proud of -
Victims - Hip hop style work that i made with awesome piano
Heavens Dream - My first ever collab, and it turned out amazing! Cant wait to do more collabs
Silver Kiss Remix - Even though its not finished what ive done so far im very proud of :D.
And all my fans out there - thanks to y'all!
Thanks to NG ppl that reviewed and listened to my stuff and thanks to FIREBOLT -
For his critisicm and advice :D

Now, if i can get on the main computer i have a new year song for all of you... A HAPPY RANDOM song.
But if not ill have to upload it sometimes later.
Cheers y'all! and happy new year!

27/12/08 Silver Kiss Remix! - WOO
Kr1z gave me permission to remix his wonderful masterpiece Silver Kiss, so i can ruin it :P JKZ.
Well yeah, ive got a few ideas and im going to remix it, done loads of work on it atm and will be working on it whenever i can..
% Complete: About 15% Yeah... I want this song to be Brilliant. Not briliant like the original, just brilliant :D
Hear the original at:
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /165662
(no space)
Oh and this is my first remix ever... And i chose to do a trance song. :S. Why is trance so complicatedly hard to make? Sigh...


Solo - Yeah... People i need some feedback on this..
Symphonic - Nearly dont about 80% complete nearly there :D
Accelerator - At my soundclick site : Clicky link - http://soundclick.com/share?songid=699 0756 (no space) Umm dont know whats happpening with this.. Cant find a good bass sounds - I blame Firebolt :P.

I got a bunch of trancey stuff coming up soon, but i have to run it past Firebolt. yeah as critical as he is, he offers great advice and is amazing at his music. So. Once i can get his to review it, then ill post up a demo of something.

Please take a listen to my stuff, and review it please :D